Independent Film Festival
Cocoa Beach
, Florida

Our 6th year. Our 11th show.

August 30th and 31st, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

"A film festival in paradise."

Come and watch your film with a handful of diehard film fans, and then go out and enjoy the beach.


The "15-Minutes of Fame" is for films of any length, produced by filmmakers from anywhere in the world. We welcome Music Videos, Animation, Documentaries, and films that tell stories.


We have been able to keep our entry fees low by keeping our festival small and simple, with a back-to-basics approach...”no frills, just films”.  We don’t do expensive banquets, seminars, or parties.  We simply set up a projector, a few chairs, and watch films...”it’s all about the films”.  Sometimes we have two people in the audience, and sometimes we have fifty.  But regardless of how many people are in the audience, they are hardcore film fans who truly appreciate your hard work.


Our judges certainly appreciate your work, and that’s really what it’s all about. Their goal is to acknowledge quality films that might otherwise go unnoticed. Award Certificates are given in 16 categories, and ALL films submitted to the festival will be granted an IMDB page whether  we run your film or not.


The films in our festival are produced by filmmakers of all experience levels, from students, to seasoned professionals.  Our program is selected by a panel of five judges, who carefully grade each film on its technical merits, acting, script, and entertainment value.  The films with good audio and strong stories have the greatest chance of being selected. We normally receive around 150 entries, and select 40-50 of the best films for the festival. These “Official Selections” will receive  a “festival laurels” seal for use on your website and publicity materials.

Since the festival began in 2009, we have shown over 450 films, and several of them have gone on to win awards in major festivals throughout the world. 

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